3 in 1 Slip Leads
(Slip Lead, Clip* Lead and TUG)

  Fluggle SLip Lead



Canine Friends Show Off
Their NEW

Braided 3:in 1 Leads

Leads Intended for Quick on/off

Leads are Not Limited Slip - Not For Unattended Use
Inspect Frequently and Replace When Torn or Frayed




Sample Colors


TAB Leads 





Useful in training and competition settings

FLUGGLESTM Slip Leads are designed for easy on/ off. They are hand crafted by braiding and knotting fleece. Lengths vary between 3 and 4 feet, and are especially useful in activities where your canine partner benefits from being to be closer to you than standard 6' leads allow. Highly useful for the quick on and off desired in training and performance activities. Lengths range from approximately 3-4 feet. Braided fleece allows for a more comfortable wear. Easy on your hands, FLUGGLESTM  slip leads are light, attractive and fun to tug on. Each FLUGGLESTM  SLIP LEADS is individually hand made. They can be woven with and without poly rope combinations.


FLUGGLESTM Clip Leads are designed to allow you to use your own limited slip collar or harness. They are hand crafted by braiding and knotting fleece onto a snap.  Highly useful for those who wish to use a "leash" to tug with - but maintain the control available with non-or limited pull devices. Braided fleece allows for a more comfortable tug. Easy on your hands, FLUGGLESTM  clip leads are sturdy, attractive and fun to tug on. Each FLUGGLESTM  LEAD is individually hand made.  **Availability is limited - email for info


FLUGGLESTM 3 in 1 leads
have a ring at one end which can be used with a *double snap to create a CLIP lead.
The snap is removed for use as a slip lead. AND our newest  clip leads are made with a small ring to convert quickly from a clip to a slip. Excellent for use to and from the ring!

Our Leads - ARE Colorful - Washable
- Comfortable AND FUN!


Standard Slip leads =$15.99

 (CT Sales Taxes Apply)
**Clip Leads = $16.99
Shipping & Handling = $8.00*  
*(on quantities up to 5)

EMAIL US: for size, style or color availability or allow us to choose for you!

FlugglesTM color combinations vary as we strive to create unique products!
 Items pictured are for SAMPLE purposes only and may not currently be in stock.

*Use as a "Clip" lead requires double snap not included -
Find double snaps at ANY hardware store!

FLUGGLESTM ARE interactive training toys! They are NOT chew toys.
Always supervise your pet's play!