"Sadie Teaches Lance to BUGGLE"


"Billy Joe Loves to RETRIEVE his BUGGLETM



"BUDDY Loved to BOUNCE his BUGGLETM I'm sure he is still Doing it!










Now in NEW colors!


 A Highly Motivating Training Tool!

TM with a Tennis Ball
crafted into one end!

Useful in performance training and
competition settings

BUGGLESTM are hand crafted by braiding and knotting fleece. BUGGLESTM can be "FLOWN" a good distance easily. They are especially useful for those of us who find it difficult to "aim" or "time" our toy reward during performance training.

BUGGLESTM contain a canine tennis ball which is heavier and more dense than a regular tennis ball. We also make BUGGLESTM   with "human" tennis balls, so please specify.

We do NOT claim that BUGGLESTM are indestructible.

As a matter of fact, my "boys" and our vigorous testers, have yet to find a toy that is completely indestructible!. What we can say - is that BUGGLESTM, when used as an interactive training tool, will stand up to heavy tugging and fetching LONGER than the majority of machine made FLEECE or "attached" tennis ball toys.

ALL our BUGGLESTM are hand made. We cut our fleece in generous strips and tie our knots tighter. In addition, when your BUGGLETM does wear down, you will have TWO toys- A CANINE TENNIS BALL AND A FLUGGLETM!  BUGGLESTM are braided, tied and knotted by hand in a variety of colors and lengths.

-Buggle supplies are limited - Please email for current availability - Online Price- $12.99
 (CT Sales Taxes Apply)
Shipping & Handling = $8.00*  
*(on quantities up to 5)

email for size, style or color availability
-as all of our items are unique, we are happy to email you photos of current stock -
 you can pick your color and size by photo sample or let us choose one for you!


FlugglesTM color combinations vary as we strive to create unique products!
 Items pictured are for SAMPLE purposes only and may not currently be in stock.

TM ARE interactive training toys! They are NOT chew toys.
Inspect Frequently, Replace when torn or frayed.
Always supervise your pet's play!